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Cultural & Community

To capture the complete TONGA experience, you MUST try a cultural & community tour. Tours range from pure cultural village experiences showcasing ancient way of living that is still being lived today, traditional  dances, experiences that merge culture and nature, to past traditional village set ups demonstrating the old way of life, and rural village community tours. All cultural & community tours are 100% owned and operated by local Villages. Watch dancers perform a custom dance that is only unique to their island such as the lakalaka and Mako, single and group dances perform by boys and girls dressing in traditional attire with oily shiny skin and the men with naked upper body dressed with Tongan oil, watching you make your way down with the tour guide to the village entrance for a big community welcome, in the Kava Ceremony.  Be the one who has the honour of the Kava ceremony which could be a noble, or chief.  Then enjoy the rest of the Traditional activities. Come on a cultural adventure with us!


– Island and Cultural tour organiser & local traveling, 

– Events Planner & Organizer like confrences,workshop, venue, catering, cocktails, parties,dinner parties, rental cars, Meetings and many more

– Consultation Work 




A private business aiming to promote the communities in creating a Sustainable Cultural Tourism. A real experience for tourists that will make their time in Tonga the most unique and worthwhile spending for their holiday. We are multi talent owners which we can go extra mile to serve you while you are in the Kingdom of Tonga.

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